Creative Christmas Letter Ideas

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Creative Christmas Letter Ideas

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Creative Christmas Letter Ideas
Christmas is coming soon. Everyone is busy preparing for it, but writing a Christmas letter is a meaningful tradition which is worth sparing your time to express your love and consideration to a person. A brief traditional letter with positive and proper tone would make any recipient happy, but if you want something more creative and outstanding, our following suggested Christmas letter ideas might be of great help.

Christmas Letter Ideas

Get all family members involved

Instead of writing the whole letter yourself, let everyone in your family write a bit about their year and send regards to the recipient. He will be able to feel the love of each member and reading a letter with different kinds of stories with different tones will be certainly entertaining.

Christmas Letter Ideas 2

Have your child write it

Even if there might be some mirror spell errors, it can be really fun reading a letter from a child. Kids’ perspectives are very different from adults, and so is the way they share their experience. What is good would sound much happier, or they may see the bright side of a not-so-good thing. That attitude makes a perfect letter for a cheerful Christmas. This is also an occasion to teach your kid to show consideration to others.

Christmas Letter Ideas 3

Creative Christmas Letter Ideas

Write from a pet’s perspective

The pet loves each member of the family in different ways. Hence, a letter from the pet’s perspective will have various colors. The recipient will surely be amused by the pet’s loving and endearing tone when talking about your baby, or its sulky tone when telling about a family summer vacation photo without its appearance.

how many days till Christmas

Write a poem

If you can, it is a good idea to write a poem to tell about your past year and send wishes to the recipient. Whether it is a rhythm or free flowing, it will be very exciting to read such a unique Christmas letter. You can also choose a famous poem, and make the words changed to share your own stories.

Incorporate your letter with photos

People do not just want to hear from you but want to see you, too. Attaching some nice photos of your family vacation or your growing babies with humorous captions will make the letter pleasant and fun to read. Another idea is to design the letter layout as a newspaper. Each event is written as a piece of news or report with time, place, content, feelings and photos.

Write a story

This requires quite a lot of time and imagination, but will surely make an amazing Christmas letter. Write a short story, use your family members as the characters and creatively include major events in the plot. If you can, make it a mystery, end the story by “What happened next?”, and invite the recipient to predict. You may be surprised by where the recipient’s imagination takes the story to.

A Christmas letter is always the best gift to a person, showing how much you love and care about him or her. We hope you have found some inspirational ideas for a Christmas letter here, and ready to make your beloved one revel in the wonder of loving and joyful Christmas letter idealsImage
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